Putting Our Faith Into Action to Achieve Results

We challenge ourselves to act—not just to combat poverty and injustice, but to achieve these results with God’s help at a much greater scale.

Our Vision

In our Vision 2030 agency strategy, we look to the evolving needs of the people we serve. We have charted a plan to address some of the most pressing problems of the 21st century.

Bringing this vision to life requires ambitious and innovative private investment. Through the Go FAR Campaign, we seek to raise $350 million to drive our impact like never before. Our success depends on donors, partners and the people we serve joining together to create transformational change.

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$350 Million
Go FAR Campaign 5-Year Goal
$45.5 Million
Build Homes for 1.5 Million People
$45.5 Million
Help 1 Million Farmers and Their Families
$26 Million
Empower 5 Million Young People
$13 Million
Support the Families of 1 Million Children
$220 Million
Drive Mission Agility

Cast Out to the Deep

Our faith calls us to go even further. To build on the success that God has given us, our reach, the investment of our loyal supporters and the influence of the global Church, we aim to solve some of the most pressing problems of the 21st century.

Because we should, and because we can. Our deep Catholic faith tells us to help our brothers and sisters in most need. We know how to tackle the root causes of human suffering for the whole person, the whole family and the whole community. And we have vast Church and professional networks that enable us to reach the world’s most vulnerable people.

Go FAR: The Campaign for Catholic Relief Services is what will fuel our work to put faith into action.

Hear From our Campaign Leadership

The Call to Go FAR

We are inspired by this moment of opportunity to drive change like never before. It is time we redefine what is possible. It is time we challenge our expectations—of ourselves and of all people. It is time we transform the world, because we should and because we can. We ask you to join us.

A lot of what Catholic Relief Services does is pure human good. They rebuild and advance, improve crops and build homes. These are human issues. You also have faith that drives us. You have hope that is given through good work. And you have love that inspires a lot of people beyond us.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Go FAR Campaign Honorary Chair

We know there is tremendous need in the world. Our most vulnerable brothers and sisters are suffering, and we feel the imperative to help. Whatever their race, religion or nationality, we offer hope to those who are most forgotten. Not because they are Catholic, but because we are.”

Mary Jane and Glenn Creamer
Go FAR Campaign Co-Chairs
Karen and Mark Rauenhorst
Go FAR Campaign Co-Chairs
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