Putting Our Faith Into Action to Achieve Results

We challenge ourselves to act—not just to combat poverty and injustice, but to achieve these results with God’s help at a much greater scale.

Our Impact

When CRS developed our Vision 2030 agency strategy, our goal was to solve some of the most pressing problems of the 21st century. We challenged ourselves to act boldly—to expand on our successes and champion communities to become agents of their own destinies.

We launched Go FAR: The Campaign for Catholic Relief Services to bring this vision to life and call for a movement about faith, action and results. Our donors, partners and the people we serve answered the call.

Thanks to the profound generosity of our donors, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $350 million, raising more than $492 million in cash and commitments.

* The impact reported here represents global results from all agency funding sources through 2024.

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$492 Million
Go FAR Campaign Raised To Date
2.7 Million
People Living in New Homes
2.9 Million
Acres Transformed by Improved Farming Practices
210 Million
Lives Touched in the Past Year
Children Living in Strengthened Families
Young People Empowered

Transformational Change Around the World

The 5-year Go FAR campaign set out to create transformational change for our brothers and sisters around the world. Thanks to our generous donors, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $350 million, raising more than $400 million. Go FAR has changed the way we work. We are able to help more people in more places, leveraging public funding and influencing our vast network of partners and institutions.

Hear From Our Campaign Leadership

The Call to Go FAR

The Go FAR campaign has created unprecedented progress for the people we serve. Still, our sisters and brothers around the world face tremendous challenges, and there is more work to do. We are ready to build on our progress and the solidarity of our supporters and partners to achieve even greater results and deepen our impact. The movement continues. Together, we will go far.

Because we should. Because we can. People are saying all the time, ‘I wish we could do more. How can I help?’ They will say, ‘Is there anyone who can do that with me and for me?’ And you’ll say, ‘As a matter of fact there is: Catholic Relief Services.’

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Go FAR Campaign Honorary Chair

The work that CRS does is more important than ever. We continue to see great need, from the chronic and pervasive challenges of poverty, climate change and hunger to emergencies like the war in Ukraine and the global food crisis. CRS is responding, and this gives us hope.

Mary Jane and Glenn Creamer
Go FAR Campaign Co-Chairs
Karen and Mark Rauenhorst
Go FAR Campaign Co-Chairs