Campaign Leadership

Cast Out to the Deep

A Message From the Honorary Chair

It was March 2013, when I sat in Rome among a conclave of other cardinals, voting on our new pope. I admit I was feeling quite proud of myself until it hit me:

As I stand before Jesus at the judgement, will he ask me about professional milestones? No. He will ask, “When I was hungry, did you feed me? When I was thirsty, did you give me something to drink?”

Many of us have achieved great things. But what exactly has Jesus asked of us? His call is simple, yet profound: love of God and love of neighbor—especially the poor.

Today, our days seem darker than usual. No doubt you have wondered, “What should I do to live my faith? How can I help those in greatest need?” Go far is the answer.

Catholic Relief Services’ Go FAR campaign recalls Jesus’s words from Luke, Chapter 5, when he told his disciples to cast out to the deep. They were exhausted and cynical, but Jesus insisted they get back out there. He reminded them that they should do more, and that they can do more.

As Catholics, we know the essence of the Church is more than what we see in front of us. It’s in the meaning of the word catholic that we are a Church for all—a Church that is universal, global, everywhere. We are called to cast out. We are called to go far.

I’ve been fortunate to visit CRS programs in the field, and I can attest firsthand that going far is what CRS is all about. CRS exists to serve the most vulnerable with love, joy and faith, no matter what.

With CRS as our vehicle, I hope we can all deepen our connection to the primacy of serving the poor. Together we can go far, in faith, for the good of all.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Archbishop of New York | Honorary Chair, Go FAR Campaign

Because We Should, Because We Can

A Message From the CEO

At Catholic Relief Services, we go far by putting our faith into action to achieve results. It’s what Jesus called us to do—and what, through the generosity of our donors, we have done since 1943.

Each day, I am deeply humbled to know we are trusted, on behalf of Catholics in the United States, to follow the Gospel imperative of service to the poor around the world. And now we have the opportunity to take our work to the next level, and the world needs us to act now.

In the United States, many of us have felt overwhelmed recently by the COVID-19 health crisis, economic uncertainty and social unrest. These crises have challenged our well-being, our families, and our communities, and yet we know we are blessed and we know our brothers and sisters overseas still urgently need us.

CRS knows how to act fast in order to tackle intractable issues like poverty and hunger to prevent and alleviate suffering.

We have a vast Church and professional network enabling us to reach even the most underserved communities. Today, our faith drives us to go further, to build on our successes—because we should, and because we can.

Knowing this, CRS has developed Vision 2030, our boldest agency strategy to date. Through this 10-year roadmap, we aim to address some of the most pressing needs of the 21st century. And it is the Go FAR campaign that will make this work possible.

Through Go FAR, we challenge ourselves to act boldly, not just to combat poverty and injustice, but to achieve these results with God’s help at a much greater scale.

It is time for a movement. We will rise to the call.

Sean L. Callahan
President & CEO, Catholic Relief Services

The Call to Go FAR

A Message From the Co-Chairs

Because we should, and because we can. That is the call of the Go FAR campaign, compelled by our critical Gospel mission.

We know there is tremendous need in the world. Our most vulnerable brothers and sisters are suffering, and we feel the imperative to help. We seek to serve those with the least. Whatever their race, religion or nationality, we offer hope to those who are most forgotten. Not because they are Catholic, but because we are. This is what we should do.

So how do we ensure the greatest impact for good? We invite you to join us as we go far together with CRS.

In alignment with the CRS Vision 2030 strategy, the Go FAR campaign sets ambitious targets toward real and lasting change. We are emboldened in this leap forward by our experience, our commitment, our Church partners and our extraordinary supporters. Together in faith, our actions will achieve transformational results. This is what we can do.

As co-chairs for this campaign, we are inspired by this moment of opportunity to drive impact like never before. It is time we redefine what is possible. It is time we challenge our expectations—of ourselves and of all people. It is time we transform the world, because we should and because we can. We ask you to join us.

Mary Jane and Glenn Creamer
Campaign Co-Chairs
Karen and Mark Rauenhorst
Campaign Co-Chairs